My name is Numan Hussain, I’m a Web Application Developer from Bangladesh. Currently I’m working on @Staff Asia Ltd as a Sr. Full Stack Web Developer and also a freelancer of @Upwork. I started my journey in 2012 as a professional web application developer and I Founded @Devute – a Startup Technology company in October 2014 and we provide Web products and services for International clients.

I am a die-hard programmer,  Especially I love to play with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, and PHP.  I love to use modern technologies such as React.js, Node.js, WordPress, Django, Redux, GraphQL, Flask, Express.js, Starpi.js, Webpack, Docker, AWS, Git & Many more. I’m hungry to learn new techs, tools,  Frameworks, etc.

I share my knowledge to this blog, Especially My sector-related, and Regularly I try to contribute with some open source projects on Github  & other platforms.  You can learn more about me following the link more

Thank You
Numan Hussain